Nothing is artificial about intelligence.

This is where the humans of AI make it happen.

Get your projects done with top data talent from around the world.

Business leaders are generating more revenue, reducing costs, and improving sustainability by building data science solutions with the community.

Work the way you want and make an impact.

Data scientists and ML engineers from around the world are developing new skills, advancing their careers, and making real money.

Join leading companies getting AI projects done with the community.

Changing the way data science work gets done... for good.

The way we work is changing...

You don't need a specific passport to learn to do data science.

The performance of your model is better proof of your skills than any degree.

so why do companies still insist on having bums on seats?

Scoping, planning, and managing data science work is difficult and requires specialized skills.

"because in traditional workplaces, managers can afford to be vague when making assignments. They know that everybody on the project team will be interacting so frequently that they’ll be able to clarify goals and make course corrections over time."

We've built a new way of organizing work that makes it easy to data science get projects done with the top talent from around the world.

We've used it ourselves to build hundreds of data science and machine learning solutions.

These solutions have resulted in new revenue and reduced costs for our partners. They have also reduced the use of water, gas, and electricity and lowered emissions.

Now this future of data science work is available to you with

Who is it for?

For Business Leaders

Experience working with the top data talent from around the world.
Complete projects end-to-end quicker than you can onboard a new hire.
Generate new revenue, reduce costs, and improve sustainability.
Access the skills you need on demand without adding headcount.
"For the first time, I saw senior leaders and people in operational roles get excited about data! Working with we got to connect with some of the best minds in data science. As a result, we're improving safety and predicting maintenance needs."
James Birkmanis
Customer Insights & Predictive Analytics Manager, Western Power

For Data Professionals

Hone your skills on real-world data and challenges.
Showcase your skills and accomplishments.
Collaborate with industry leaders and advance your career.
Do more of what you love and make a positive impact.
"I take part because it is a great opportunity to tackle different challenges based on live industry data. It has opened my eyes to new machine learning techniques, as well as the different approaches by other teams to solving the same problem."
Utkala Mohanty
Data Scientist