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Tried to hire a data scientist recently?

Hiring full-time data scientists is difficult and expensive.

You're in competition for scarce resources.
Recruiting and onboarding can cost as much as half of an annual salary - before someone is even productive in the role!
When you do hire someone, they often don't stick around very long.

Some of the talented humyns you could be working with instead

Thousands of top data scientists and engineers from around the world make up the community.


Francisco Noa Gutiérrez

ML Eng
Explainable AI
"I take part because I am passionate about data science, and because I want to become better every day and this is the best way for me."


Konstantina Kontoudi

Explainable AI
"Participating in competitions allows me to explore different business domains and sharpen my modeling skills. All the competitions I've participated in deal with problems unrelated to cybersecurity, my day-to-day subject as Lead Data Scientist at DataDome.


Mohamed Chahhou

"I started participating in competitions to learn and practice. Most competitions are challenging, interesting and provide real world data from different fields. This not only allows me to learn new approaches to solve a problem but also to learn about the field itself. And as a Professor, it sometimes inspires me to find interesting research projects."


Utkala Mohanty

Explainable AI
"I take part because it is a great opportunity to tackle different challenges based on live industry data. I have honed my data science skills by participating in the competitions. It has opened my eyes to new machine learning techniques, as well as the different approaches by other teams to solving the same problem."


Konstanin Yakovlev

"DS/ML competitions reveal your limits and current knowledge. You have to push yourself one step further, expand your comfort zone, constantly learn and adapt. Participating in DS/ML competitions for more than four years now, and during this period in my life I've met incredible people - open-minded, passionate, intelligent. DS community helped me a lot to evolve, and I'll be forever grateful for it."

Get your data project done with the community

Sean Webb
Principal, Innovation and Partnerships, CBH Group

“We quickly got hundreds of great machine vision models for classifying grain. It was easy to compare the results and select the best one. That process gave us confidence in the results we wouldn't have had if we got just one solution from a vendor. Plus, our team loved seeing talented people from around the world contribute to solving our problem. It was also powerful to be able to harness a trusted local provider in who had impressive connections into a global data science network.”

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We'll connect you with a dedicated data project manager who run your project end-to-end.
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You’ll engage with some of the most talented data humyns on the planet. They'll be working to build the best possible solution to your challenge.

Choose the best solution from hundreds

Top models and all code are yours. Deploy to an endpoint, into your production pipeline, or via integration, such as Databricks.


Like you, we believe in the power of human ingenuity to address our biggest challenges.

Like you, we celebrate those who seek opportunities for improvement, and own them.

If you’re willing to champion change and improvement at your company, we'll connect you to the skills and talent to get it done.

Holly Bridgwater


The faster way to get your data project done.

Your data project manager will keep the project moving on your behalf.
Typical projects are completed in 4 - 6 weeks.
Validate approaches and data fitness in days.
Expert support from scoping to deployment.

The better way to get your data project done.

Engage with top data talent from around the world on demand.
Save on recruiting, HR, and on-boarding costs.
Organise your projects and easily demonstrate value to stakeholders.
Safe and secure management of data.

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Daniel Cassar

Digital & Group Technical Services Performance Manager,
Newcrest Mining

"With we are able to tap into a global network of data science talent. Together we've driven improvements such as reducing water usage, optimizing equipment, and use of core photography."